A case study: Embrace a new way to communicate with your clients

Thanks to the fallout from COVID-19, many salon owners are facing high levels of stress and uncertainty. Fay Smith of House of Hair Hostess in Solihull was no exception, but rather than let the pandemic ruin her business, she focused on new ways to communicate with her clients and maximise her income opportunities.

This desire soon became a reality thanks to Halifax-based New Era Group, who offer digital signage aimed at independent salon owners. After an initial consultation to discuss potential solutions, Fay elected to install two large window displays and three small point of sale displays on styling units facing clients. “I needed a way to sell additional products more effectively, as well as incentivise our clients to engage more with our social media pages and extend our marketing reach,” said Fay.

“Crucially, we needed to achieve all of this without dedicated salespeople. It is difficult for staff in the salon to upsell products and services because they are not trained in sales. Most conversations they have with clients are about everyday life, and with the addition of face masks, it is harder than ever to sell additional products and services. My thoughts were, if we could focus the customer on the screens advertising our range of additional services, then that would guide conversations and enable the stylists to take orders from clients who respond. The results have been amazing so far. In the last six weeks I have generated over £2,000 of additional income from the screen ads. If you are a salon owner who is afraid of losing your business, I would recommend getting some screens installed – They will do so much of the work for you in terms of growing your retail sales and social media reach. The team at New Era have been great right from the start and have continued to support me after installation – Their managed content service is built into the affordable monthly payment with no upfront fees. They are customer focused and really care about how well we are doing.”

In fact, so happy is Fay, she has just ordered another screen for the beauty section in the salon. “Our first screens have already paid for themselves in the first six weeks, so from now on, everything is profit. As with any new idea there is always a little scepticism that it may not work, but I can honestly say the digital screens have been my best marketing investment ever. I’m over the moon I took the decision to get them installed.”

Website: www.neweragroup.co.uk

Instagram: @neglimited

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