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Supporting our UK industry through Covid-19

If you’ve yet to hear about the unique brand founded and still managed today by Skincare Expert Chrystelle Lannoy you’ve been missing out on one of the most innovative brands in the spa and beauty industry. Gemology is renowned around the world for being one of the most exquisite brands available in over 30 countries worldwide. Known for being the innovators of the mineral skincare world Gemology developed a process to extract 100% pure trace elements from 20 different precious stones. This allows formulas to be produced with the most concentrated form of essential nutrients alongside grinds of precious stones to give many benefits to the skin.

A brand that cares, how we are supporting the industry…….

With the UK being one of the last countries to re-open it’s spas and salons Gemology UK decided that an important part of getting the spa and beauty industry back on track falls on brands to come together and offer amazing support packages for stockists. With this in mind a back to work scheme was put in place for the next 12 months, at the end of the day brands would not have great success if it wasn’t for the support of their key customers who promote their products every day in house at their salons, spas and clinics. For anyone that stocks Gemology or decided to take on the brand during lockdown 50% of any order will be allocated by Gemology UK to invest in marketing the venues business. Whether this be an event, a radio campaign, magazine adverts, a social media campaign Gemology will develop a marketing strategy for the next 12 months and contribute to making this successful and getting businesses back on their feet! It’s a win win scenario for the professional to be able to grow off the brand and to expand the marketing budget available within businesses.

Website: www.gemologycosmetics.co.uk
Email: trade@gemologycosmetics.co.uk
Call: 0330 133 0379

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