Anastasia Nikolina

Anastasia has begun her lash career in October 2016, and since the first day of lashing she became an absolute fan!

She loves competitions, marathons and different challenges, and has brought home 8 winning trophies already

“Competitions are just as important as trainings! It can really teach you a lot and also open many doors in your career.”

After winning at Lash Battle 2018, Anastasia has been offered a job at London Lash Pro as a trainer and she accepted it right away without any doubts. As this was a dream come true!

She is now providing trainings at the London academy and her plan is to travel the world sharing her knowledge

Anastasia loves sharing tips and tricks on instagram and can get stuck watching other lash videos! Be sure to check out her page for some juicy lash videos @anastasia_londonlashpro