Ash Cosmetics have announced to partner across all distribution networks

To Partner across all distribution networks: Considerations mass market, department stores, pharmacies, Salons and Travel Retail.

Following a successful social media platform, the demand on the Ashcosmetics range has increased in various parts of the world, as a result of this the company has made an official announcement to partner across all distribution networks. With the increased demand the company feels they are ready for the next phase. Partnering will not only help with managing the production but also consumers in various parts other world to have access to the range in their local regions.

A training program has been put together help distributors across all networks to have transparency of their regions and to be able to meet the demands.

The process will start to take effect at Olympia Beauty, London.

“The idea of partnering with distributors and Retailers has been on the books for a while. We plan to action this and bring this to life at the London Beauty Olympia this year,” says Aisha Latif, Creative Director / Founder Ashcosmetics Ltd. 

“As a company recognised for its multiple awards for excellence and cosmetics with unique properties, it was key for us to continue growing in the most efficient way possible and to make the brand accessible in various parts of the world, this can only be done in partnering with the right retailers and distributors and offering our partners on-going support and training programs to help them succeed and us as a business to continue growing worldwide.”

About Ashcosmetics

Ash Cosmetics is a Multi-Award winning Luxury line of Cosmetics, made from the highest purity and exceptional quality raw materials. The company was founded in 2014 by Aisha Latif (Ash), a graduate in the Biomedical Sciences and a specialist in Biochemistry and Genetics. She brings with her many years of R&D and commercial experience. The products launched have been created alongside experts in the fashion industry, as well as skin care clinicians, who have outstanding knowledge and experience in creating products with excellent skin compatibility. Ash has made no compromises when it comes to quality; each ingredient is thoroughly tested to guarantee excellent performance and consistency without any batch-to-batch variations. Ash cosmetics have solidified its reputation as being ideal for film, fashion and media makeup, as well as everyday makeup. In addition to this she has won several awards inspiring woman’s awards as entrepreneur of the year award 2017, Fashion and beauty as best beauty product award 2017 , international achievers award for Phenomenal Business award 2018, the brand is also a finalist in 2 more awards at the EVA 2018  and has been featured in various magazine and media. Ashcosmetics commitment for 2020 is make the brand available worldwide sets out ambitious sustainable development objectives., Follow us on social media @ashcosmetics

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