Automatically send pre-appointment forms via SMS with Timely and Consult

The way you connect with clients post lockdown is much different than it was before COVID, but it’s a great chance to make your client interactions even better, and run your business more efficiently. That’s where Timely and Consult come in!

The easiest way to protect your salon, staff and clients

Timely is the world’s smartest appointment booking software, and Consult is our free app that offers unlimited, customisable digital forms to help you protect your business, clients & staff and deliver a personalised client experience.

  • Keep everyone safe with specialist health check forms to keep Covid out of your business
  • Send digital forms to your clients via email or SMS before their appointment
  • Sending is automatic via SMS and contactless
  • Host consultations online using Timely’s video calling service
  • Securely keep track of your clients and their details for contact tracing
  • Use our customisable expert templates or easily build your own

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