Awarded Best Aesthetic Equipment Manufacturer 2019 – UK

Awarded Best Aesthetic Equipment Manufacturer 2019 – UK

From tales of mythical fountains to advancements in modern science, humankind continues its search for the key to prolonging our virility and aesthetic qualities. However, with such a vast array of solutions and treatments to choose from, many of which have little or no effect, it can be tough for clients to find the product that is right for them.

This is where LUXlife Magazine is here to help. Exploring manufacturers and distributors of over-the-counter cosmetics, to revolutionary health and fitness regimes making use of state-of-the-art nutrition, the Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards seeks out and rewards those creating excellence in their respective field and working to provide truly effective treatments and products that meet the varied needs of their clientele.

From tried and tested favourites through to industry newcomers who are making a name for themselves, we showcase only the best in this awards programme which will be a must-read for anyone seeking a product recommendation or a new salon to visit

Advanced Esthetics Solutions Ltd was awarded this year within the 2019 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards hosted by LUX-life! Best Aesthetic Equipment Manufacturer 2019 – UK

Why was Advanced Esthetic Solutions Ltd chosen?

For the third year, the Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards have once again rewarded only the best that the industry has to offer taking into account the service, products and experience that the awarded company provides to its clients/customers on a daily basis.

This honour is reserved exclusively for those who demonstrate excellence within this highly competitive and prestigious industry! This means that all your hard work, dedication and innovation is truly paying off.

Hats off to Advanced Esthetics Solutions for their continued team dedication and passion to our industry, their product portfolio and their AES partners.

Congratulations for this well deserved team achievement.