Bbonita – London mobile beauty services

Why not Enjoy a manicure or a chair massage at the show?
Come and meet SABRINA, CEO of Bbonita – mobile beauty services.

We are so pleased to be able to exhibit at Olympia Beauty exhibitions, after years of battling against the industry, comparing, sharing we finally are growing on our own. Moved from italy at a young age with my family, managed to grow every day in a city that i could never thank enough for it’s opportunities🎇
Working long shifts and for little money, dealing with people that had no clue about the industry and always treating you like you have no value.

I knew what I wanted from a young age and little by little I started to work in many different places to gain experience in Beauty, of course at times i had good days, met different people and colleagues but at times i also had to deal with not great days…

With time i started to realise that I needed my own independency and to show people my OWN value and skills so I just said:


Of course i was scared, nervous, worried of not being able to make it but then i thought: If others do it then so can i 🙂

Nothing has never stopped me, NOTHING, I always did what i wanted cause i knew i was going to get to the end of the battle!

Now i am here on my 2 feet standing and proud of what i have achieved, happy to also mention that without my partner and graphic designer Ricardo Nieto i wouldn’t of been able to start this journey.

Our company is named Bbonita and we deliver beauty service to clients home in all London zones, we are offering mobile services so clients are able to book anytime of the day, at the time they like and suits them plus what a better way when is bad weather, or you do not have the time or are at home with your little children: SIT BACK AND ENJOY

Please come and meet ME and enjoy a file and paint alongside a massage.