Bbonita mobile Spa services – Organic skincare products

Looking for that ”fresh and radiant look”?
Our unique and handmade skin conditioning balm is formulated specifically to those who are looking for a radiant looking and fresh skin and also to those who are tired of trying and trying for many different products to then discover that they are not natural or contain chemicals such as: pharabeen or any other ingredients that will cause bad side effects to your skin.

The 3 main product blending in our skin balm are:
Skin is left soft and plump, not with an uncomfortable residue of the product!

Perfect to be used on its own or under your daily face cream, and of course for its little thickness and consistency this lovely skin balm acts well as a primer before your foundation application, on some areas of the face.

Don’t look further!
Only at Olympia we will be having a special price for you, alongside our beauty services(Nails-massage)

At Bbonita, we always work hard to go that extra mile to give our clients, what they are looking for.
Say no to: skin reactions, redness, allergies, bad ingredients or unknown ingredients.
Say yes to: Healthy looking skin, radiant looking skin, smooth and fresh natural ingredients!

Everything we do we do it from scratch, Sabrina, after studying and putting into practice her magic she decided to get delivered natural and organic ingredients to then start making products she thinks will make a good change in the industry.
Of course, some clients will like it and some might not but as long as it is ORGANIC then is all good 🙂

Come and see us at Stand B47 to have a feel about the product where we will also be having on sell our SUPER GLOSSY AND ORGANIC LIP GLOSSES!