Blogging For Business Challenge

I love helping freelancers reach their full potential and having worked with so many amazing people in the beauty industry, I wanted to find a way to do this on a larger scale.

It’s a competitive world out there and even more so for creatives right now. I believe, however, that each one of us has something unique to offer and there is enough business out there for everyone.

You just need to start telling your audience what you do, how you do it and how it can help them.

It was during the middle of the Covid-19 outbreak, that I decided to launch my first FREE Blogging For Business Challenge. I wanted to help and show small business owners how they could create content for their business website easily, even if they thought they had nothing to say or little confidence in their writing abilities.

The results were amazing, and it was a great experience with many ‘aha’ moments.  I had lots of good feedback from the participants saying how they felt at finally knowing how to produce great content and to get their website noticed … and for FREE!

The last challenge was so successful that I am running another one on 6th July 2020.  You can find out more information and how to join, on the below link:

My FREE 5 Day Challenge Reveals How Creative Professionals And Small Business Owners Can Start To Generate Organic Leads And Sales By Creating Engaging Website Content (Ps… You Don’t Have To Be A Pro Writer).

Join my FREE ‘Blogging For Business Challenge’ and create engaging articles and blogs that your readers (and search engines) will love … and you’ll enjoy creating, even if you don’t like writing.


Hi, I’m Jane, a self-confessed blogging addict and magazine hoarder, which is handy when you help business owners with content marketing and you’re the owner and Editor-in-Chief of PHOTOSHOOT Magazine.

Design and photography are a major part of my life; from blogging about magazine design, my life as an editor, photography and doing up my grenier (loft house).

I enjoy teaching creative professionals and small business owners how to create content for their blogs and website … that get noticed and helps grow their business.

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