Aloe Clear Ingrown Hair Solution

Aloe Clear Ingrown Hair Solution

Stand: B29

Male Grooming, Skincare, Waxing

Exhibitor: Tweezerman
Exhibitor Stand: B29

Aloeclear is a roll on defence against ingrown hair, razor rash and skin irritation after hair removal. Suitable for all skin types. Aloeclear is ideal for use after any hair removal procedure including Waxing, Shaving, Sugaring, Threading and electrolysis.
Available in 3 retail sizes, this is an extremely easy to use product in roll on bottle for consumers and a salon product to use in treatment, this is a must for all beauty salons offering waxing and great retailing product for online retailers as well. Use as part of your daily routine to receive the most effective results.
Nothing is more effective in combating Ingrown hairs than Aloeclear.
Thanks to its anti bacterial, exfoliating action and with a natural blend of moisturizing Aloe Vera, soothing Mentha Piperita, Aloeclear delivers the clearest, freshest skin possible after hair removal plus quickly lifting pre-existing ingrown hairs to the surface.


Aloe Clear Body Buff Special Offer available