Dollce Doll

Dollce Doll

Stand: B45

Eyelashes & Eyebrows, Salons, Supplier

Exhibitor: Dollce Doll
Exhibitor Stand: B45

Dollce Doll is excited to exhibit for the first year at London Olympia Beauty.

We are a Worldwide, Leading Eyelash Extension Brand with Happy Returning customers around the Globe.

Committed to bringing you, not only the HIGHEST QUALITY Products on the market but also the largest trays at the most cost effective price.

We are extremely well known for being the Leading and First Lash brand for our Beautiful Huge Range of Heat Bonded Pre made Russian Volume Fans. Making your job easier and allowing your customers to cut their appointment times by half, cutting out the difficult skill of building your own fans.

Our Quality is so High, we have Russian Volume Trainers now using our Pre made fans when needed.

If you would love still to build your own fans but want to make that process faster we have the most AMAZING, CASHMERE Easy fans, these hold at the base when lifted, allowing you to build your own fans without them falling apart. For our avid Fan building Pro’s We have THE most Amazing Russian volume fans for you also.

Have you tried our Split Tip Flat Lashes, OMG, say no more, We will see you at our stand, come to our practise corner for demo’s on the lashes you’d like to try before buying!!!!


Cashmere Easy Fans Special Offer available
Live Demo, come & Learn from the best!! Special Offer available
Live Demonstration Special Offer available
Premade Russian Volume Fans (3D – 20D) Special Offer available