Elite Eyelash Extensions

Elite Eyelash Extensions

Stand: LG8

Education & Training, Eyelashes & Eyebrows, Supplier

Exhibitor: Elite Eyelash Extensions
Exhibitor Stand: LG 8

Elite Eyelash Extensions™ is a family cherished UK based online lash supplier founded in 2017 by veteran Lash Expert Julie Knight based on years of continual research and testing. There’s a growing Eco-range given Julie’s passion for our environment has seen her collaborate with a Green Queen to actively scope more ways to make Elite the brand of choice for like-minded people.

Elite is home to Lash-Ed Magazine – your must have online and glossy educational, motivational and inspirational lash mag. Covering all things lashes, business, wellbeing and safety, it’s created for our industry, by our industry. Content rich with limited adverts – it’s a must for lash pros and addicts alike ♥