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Exhibitor Stand: B2

OXYJET UK are the UK’s supplier of Nora Bode’s leading OXYJET oxygen therapy treatment. Oxygen facial treatments and oxygen therapy facials are quickly becoming an increasingly popular non-invasive facial treatment across the UK, and Nora Bode’s OXYJET machines are at the forefront of this new trend!

As we age, the vessels carrying oxygen and nutrients to our face degenerate, so the supply of oxygen and nutrients is depleted to the skin cells, as a result the cell division slows significantly and in turn the skin becomes thinner, dry, wrinkled and in some cases unevenly pigmented. This is where Nora Bode’s OXYJET products come in! An Oxygen facial treatment or oxygen therapy facial helps to deliver microencapsulated oxygen, hyaluronic acid, plant extracts and moisturisers, visibly improving the skin.


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