Smart Meso needle-free mesotherapy and electroporation

Smart Meso needle-free mesotherapy and electroporation

Stand: C20

Non-surgical, Skincare, Spa Equipment & Design

Exhibitor: The Smarths Group
Exhibitor Stand: C20

SmartMeso is a non-invasive breakthrough in transdermal technology delivering vitamins and nutrients deep into your skin for optimum effectiveness creating faster and improved results for rejuvenated, hydrated and healthier, firmer smoother skin.

Using 26 fractional pins the Smart Meso painlessly enters the skin to 0.5mm maximum and deliver a variety of mesotherapy serums in to the upper layers of the dermis, whilst patented electroporation breaks the cell adhesion molecular structure of the skin, making it 84% more receptive to cosmeceutical skin ingredients. The result is healthier-looking skin and revitalised hair.