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Stand: C140

Haircare, Salon Accessories, Salons

Exhibitor: Tymestyle
Exhibitor Stand: C140

Developer of the revolutionary curling and straightening hair iron; TYME is a fast-paced and innovative company making waves in women’s high-end beauty products. Launched in 2014, the TYME Iron is a professional-quality tool that is used to curl, wave and straighten hair. TYME was an immediate hit among women looking for a better, quicker, and easier way to get gorgeous hair, that lasts longer. As a family­-run business, personalized services remain a top priority at TYME. Every aspect of the customer relationship is handled in­-house; from shipping and fulfillment of orders, to support and customized one-­on-­one StyleTYME sessions with virtual stylists. Today, the company has expanded globally to 32 countries and continues to introduce complementary products thanks to the success of the TYME Iron. Applying the same principles that helped conceptualize the Iron, TYME’s aim is to design products that give every individual the confidence to recognize their own unique beauty.


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