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Stand: D10

Education & Training, Male Grooming, Waxing

Exhibitor: Sweet Squared
Exhibitor Stand: C1 + D10

At the heart of wax:one is the delivery of a simple, highly effective system for hair removal using premium quality ingredients and proven formulas to achieve long-lasting, super smooth results and a comfortable client treatment.

wax:one delivers:

a simple solution – one Hot wax, one Strip wax; two simple ways of delivering incredible removal of ALL hair types. No need for multiple waxes!

premium quality – fantastic adhesion, melts quickly and evenly and the wax maintains an even consistency without the risk of going grainy or lumpy

speed and efficiency – super quick to melt and super quick to apply, treatment time is cut as patches set within seconds

economic and effective results – requires very thin application so you not only use less product, it’s also super effective as it seeks out the base of the hair for clean, comfortable removal from the root

flexiblity – wax contours with the body and doesn’t become brittle or snap hairs, therefore reducing the risk of ingrown hairs and gives a more comfortable experience

suitablilty for sensitive skin – the low working temperature and rosin free formula make it perfect for clients with sensitive skin


wax:one Starter Kit Special Offer available