Breast Cancer Aftercare Exclusive Launch at Olympia Beauty 2017

Breast Cancer Aftercare Exclusive Launch at Olympia Beauty 2017

2017 will mark an important breakthrough in preventative healthcare and lymphatic education and particularly poignant is the date of the launch of this new treatment for breast cancer aftercare. UK Lymphology Clinics are proud to launch at Olympia 2017 on 1 and 2 October, two enterprising training courses for massage therapists and a self-awareness education in Breast Wise®.

UK Lymphology Clinics are a brand-new training provider offering exclusive and exciting courses for lymphatic healthcare, treatments and education. The lymphatic system is often misunderstood although it is essential for the health and wellbeing of the body.

UK Lymphology Clinics aim is to energise your understanding and the lymphatic system’s crucial influence for the optimum health of your clients. Offering new treatments to incorporate this fundamental working of the lymphatic system into your business or treatment regime, UKLC has everything to offer therapists eager for up to date approaches to healthcare.

This is a fantastic opportunity for massage therapists to appeal to both new and existing clients and to further develop their career skills in two new courses approved by VTCT:

Lymphatic Integrated Massage

Designed for all therapists who want to find that unique short course to offer existing clientele something extra special. This exclusive treatment will appeal to every client having any body treatment or body massage. A dynamic fifteen-minute post-massage lymphatic stimulation which enables the body to be more efficient in removing toxic waste to improve their internal health and vitality.

Lymphatic Pressure Therapy for breast cancer aftercare

Breast cancer aftercare comes into another level for those suffering from the after effects of this traumatic disease. Learn to combine the five elements of recovery which have been carefully developed to assess, reassure, monitor and professionally treat breast cancer clients in a place of sanctuary. This new therapy aims to introduce faster recovery to prevent deterioration which may, in turn, cause further distress or ongoing discomfort.

Yvette Jordan, Training Director and owner of UK Lymphology Clinics developed these courses from 37 years of experience.  She says “our new healthcare approach is so much more than just massage and provides aftercare that is both restorative and soothing; UKLC’S vision for the future is to train therapists nationwide and raise awareness of the benefits of these therapies.

“Training is open to massage therapists, complementary therapists, occupational therapists, (massage therapists must have had 6 months training and have practiced for 6 months). So, if you’d like to learn more about our new approach to preventative healthcare and lymphatic education, I will be talking at Nutrition Live and Wellbeing on Sunday 1 October at 12.20 on Stage 2. You can obtain further information and details of our special Olympia-only offers, from me and UKLC Lymphatic Pressure Therapists on Massage World Stand E152 on Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd October.”

UKLC show offers at Olympia end at midnight on Monday 2ndOctober 2017. Book and pay for the Lymphatic Integrated Massage course and receive £50 OFF.  Lymphatic Pressure Therapy for breast cancer aftercare course, pay £150 deposit and receive Lymphatic Integrated Massage course FREE.

Breast Wise®

Because just touching or feeling is not good enough! This ground breaking educational video offers key information with a completely innovative approach to look after the internal health of your breasts. Real life physical and biological workings of your body Breast Wise® gives a brief understanding of how learning a breast cleansing routine through a short self-lymph massage can potentially offer you life-long enhancing benefits. Download video from Vimeo On Demand for £1.

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