Bringing the Magic to Massage

Dr. Sarah Bryan, Exeter-based Massage therapist and aromatherapist, has launched a special new range of aromatherapy products, SB Holistic Magic.

Sarah, blind since birth, relocated to Exeter from Sheffield with her husband, Matt, in 2016 and immediately embarked on this new project. “We moved for Matt’s job, so I was out on a limb and starting again from scratch, as I couldn’t exactly bring my Sheffield clients down here with me,” she explains, “I was therefore keen to develop a new string to my bow, which was not quite so dependent on our location. Over the last five years working as a holistic sports massage therapist and aromatherapist, I have been struck by how the natural oils from plants can provide relief to patients and aid recovery. I spent time researching the chemistry and properties of specific oils and made bespoke blends for my patients, who presented with all manner of injuries and health conditions. Most sports massage therapists, physios etc. are not trained to use essential oils and don’t understand the benefits. Moreover, most aromatherapy products on the market are more tailored towards promoting emotional well-being and relaxation. This is all well and good, but our profession needs something more tailored to patients’ physical needs too, with a more scientific foundation. My Magic range is an easy way to help them to help their patients, naturally, without needing further training or insurance. I have seen how effective the products are first-hand. I was unfortunate enough to fall down and sprain both ankles last August. My Rescue Magic cream , true to its name,  had me back on my feet in just two days. My Scar Magic balm has already been purchased by one of my clients, whose health has been affected by deep post-operative scarring. Meanwhile, my Muscle and Nerve Magic oils are popular for all manner of aches and tension. The final product, Myofascial Magic, has been designed to work alongside an increasingly popular therapy, myofascial release”

Sarah, now practicing at Exeter Natural Health Centre, is keen to spread the word to bodywork professionals of all disciplines: massage therapists, sports therapists, physios, chiropractors and osteopaths, so that they can work Magic with their patients. Clients and patients can capture the Magic in their own home care and rehabilitation programmes too, although they will need to buy from a qualified therapist, for legal reasons. Sarah concludes, “I am thrilled to bits with this simple, but effective product range, making high quality aromatherapy accessible to all.”

SB Holistic Magic can be purchased by therapists from

Therapists can then sign up as Magic stockists, in order to sell Magic products to their clients and to members of the public.

For the first time, Sarah will be demonstrating and exhibiting her products at Olympia Beauty 2017. “I’m so excited,” she says, “The best part about events like this is meeting up with colleagues in the flesh and find out how they work.”

SB Holistic will be on stand C124 at Olympia Beauty 2017

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Clinic address: Exeter Natural Health Centre, Queens Walk, 83-84 Queen Street, Exeter, EX4 3RP

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