Olympia Beauty presents... Brush Wars 2019

Testimonials for Brush Wars

June Waller

June Waller

Professional Winner, Brush Wars 2018

"Olympia Beauty is such a prestigious event on the calendar of fashion, beauty and body art, it was something I really wanted to be part of. So as a body paint artist I entered the Body Art competition, which was sponsored by NYX.
It’s an amazing event all round, the trade stands packed with beauty goodies, offering new products and doing amazing demos, creating a buzz amongst everyone attending. It’s quite electric at this event and that electricity and buzz is infectious amongst those competing too.
Although a distance for me to travel to get there, was absolutely worth it. It was a valuable experience that I’m so glad I took the plunge to attend, as I learned so much and gathered so much more inspiration than I expected.
The competitions were fantastic, all levels competing, and creating some incredible looks that you would only really get the opportunity to see in a magazine. The inspiration at this event is mind blowing for any creative in any genre, a treasure trove of products, style and creation all in one place. 
I was so very proud to have won the Body Art competition, as the talent here was incredible. I felt extremely humbled and also totally excited, winning some fantastic prizes and a stunning huge glass trophy. 
Meeting the judges was one of the highlights of the day for me also, leaders in the beauty and body art field, distinguished and successful, some of which I follow on social media #girlfan
From this experience and exposure at the event, I have gained further work and several invitations for other events, also some work for the film industry in the USA. It has been an extremely valuable experience for me, for becoming more established and recognised within the industry. If anyone were to ask me... do you think I should go... I’d say ‘what are you waiting for!’."


Silvia Fernandez Lopez

Student Winner, Brush Wars 2018

"I must say being a competitor in Brush Wars put me in an extreme challenge, creatively talking. I put a lot pressure on myself as all the competitors were very talented but it really helped me to show what I can do and what I am able to create in a short time.
As a 1st place winner in the student category I had a huge push into the industry. I have got a lot of projects and jobs since that and not mentioning all the professional people I've met from the industry. It really has changed my career and I know it is just the beginning!!!"

Lauren Tween_Pro MU_2017 Winner

Lauren Tween

First place winner at Brush Wars 2016 and 2017

"The Brush Wars competition was a chance to test my creativity and skill, as well as seeing the works of fellow makeup artists, which inspires me endlessly.  In 2016 I entered the student competition, ’Ode to Bowie’, winning first place and in 2017 the professional category of ‘Comic Strip Couture’ also winning first place, which led to me flying to Dusseldorf in 2018 to compete in the International Makeup Championships as one of the fantastic prizes. 
I was also invited to be a judge on the Brush Wars panel last year. As well as just being so much fun, the competition has opened up so many opportunities to me that I will be forever grateful for. Many thanks to the organisers and head judges for such a wonderful competition year after year that I love to be a part of!"

Stefanija Vektere

Stefanija Vektere

Previous winner at Brush Wars

"My experience at the Brush Wars competition was fantastic. I competed in the Professional Makeup category in 2014. The theme was Futurism. We had to create a look using keywords: dystopia,  regeneration, gravity, industrial and metal. 
When I arrived to the competition the tables were all set up and the instructions were clear and easy to understand. The competition was organised well and there was a lot of exposure. I was very happy that I won, the prizes were wonderful, especially I loved the course in airbrush with Mistair and the airbrush compressor with colours. I’m truly thankful to the judges and organisers for this competition. Because of the competition I had a chance to work with one of the fellow judges Nicci Jackson at London Fashion week and got recognition for my creative work and accessories. It also pushed me in my makeup work to set new goals. I would encourage all aspiring makeup artists and enthusiasts to enter this competition and to challenge yourself! Whether you are a student or a professional makeup artist - it’s worth it!"

Chloe Thomas

Chloe Louise Thomas

Previous winner at Brush Wars

"During my time at College in 2013, my tutor entered the Brush Wars makeup competition at Olympia Beauty and we all went along to support her. 
After seeing all of the wonderful creations and experiencing the exciting atmosphere, I told myself that I would enter in the Student category in 2014. As soon as the theme was announced the following year, I got my application form in and set to work on gathering ideas, practicing make-up styles and designing a costume on the months running up. I followed Nicci Jackson’s work and excitement started to set in. 
I was fresh out of college having graduated in the summer, so the whole experience was very new to me. The theme was ‘Anglo Eccentrism’ so I opted for a very British Punk and Sex Pistols design with a royal twist! 
Seeing the other entrants on the day made me extremely nervous, especially as they seemed so much more ‘professional’ than myself with their posh make-up cases and extensive kits. I just had an old bag full of my college gear, but I was confident with my design so tried not to let it faze me. Once set-up, the makeup count down began and we had 2 hours in which to create our designs.
Being judged by the likes of Nicci Jackson, the Pixiwoo sisters and Mandy Gold was nerve-wracking but extremely exciting, as they came around analysing our work and asking questions throughout the competition.
I was thrilled with my final make-up design but looking around at the other creations I didn’t feel quite as confident! We then had a couple of hours to wait as the judges went away to decide our places. 
The entrants gathered around a stage full of judges with a seated-audience and photographers and the nerves kicked in! 
I will always remember what happened next, and it has honestly been the single best thing that has happened during my career; I was announced winner in the student category! 
I burst into tears with shock!! 
To this day I still get goose-bumps thinking about it as it was completely unexpected, and I only really entered for the experience. The prizes were phenomenal, a kit-bag full of high-end make-up, a complete airbrush make-up kit plus training, one-to-one training day with Nicci and Julia Townend and the best prize; a ticket to the Beauty Düsseldorf show in Germany for a chance to compete Internationally in their annual makeup competition. Just WOW!
I honestly think that entering the Brush Wars competition has shaped my entire career, opening up fantastic opportunities for me and meeting some wonderful creatives along the way. 
I also want to personally thank Nicci for being such a wonderful mentor and for giving me these opportunities. I just wish I could re-live the entire experience again! 
I went on to enter Brush Wars in the Professional category the following two years, being placed 3rd and 2nd place. 
If you’re thinking about entering Brush Wars then I whole-heartedly recommend it!"



Sponsored by The World Bodypainting Festival

The World Bodypainting Festival is a celebration of body painting and the staging of the human body as an art object and is also an experience space filled with music, shows and experimental performances. Furthermore the WBF provides not only a platform for participants to meet other talented artists from all around the world but also the possibility to present their art works in front of an interested and international audience. The winner of the Brush Wars 2019 is guaranteed to participate in the World Championships during the WBF 2020, which is a unique and exceptional experience.