Business Accounts and Beauty

By Mrs Ria-Jaine Lincoln of Ria-Jaine Accounts and Tax Advice

A little bit about Ria-Jaine Accounts – self-employed accounting business with potential to increase in size with demand due to strong network of accountants all over the UK. Passionate about all things beauty as well as having a healthy obsession with balancing books and navigating the tax system.

Interest in beauty stems from a time I needed a distraction from my post-natal anxiety. This then turned into a small business and with all the training that was taken over the years I was exposed to a world of amazing beauty therapists that often spoke about the dreaded tax season and process to set up their businesses. I found myself giving out advice, swapping numbers, joing group chats to offer my advice and expertise and then Ria-Jaine Accounts was born one afternoon after an inspiring conversation with Katie Godfrey.

So what can I do and how do I do it?

My main focus is on compliance and financial growth. I draw upon my experience in the industry as well as my accounting and tax knowledge to help businesses succeed with their business goals. I am so passionate about ‘Accounting for Beauty’ so much so that I have pursued my dream of being ‘the’ accountant for beauty!

Self-Employed Businesses

I have a variety of services available to small employed businesses, so your home based salon or room/column hire. This ranges from tax and accounting workshops currently hosted by Katie Godfrey at KG HQ, to subscription based tax and accounting packages with clear fixed prices, skype calls, unlimited access via closed facebook group for generic queries


Company accounts service, again subscription based up to a certain threshold, advice on dealing with self-employed individuals working within the salon, guidance on approaching the VAT threshold and when to take action. A separate closed facebook group to support companies offering unlimited access to useful information and quick response rate to queries.

Beauty Academies

An opportunity for beauty academies to offer tax and accounting workshops to their students to enhance the values of the academy by promoting social and professional responsibility in helping new business start their new ventures in the right way. Alternatively discounted packages are available to students of participating academies to the packages previously mentioned.


Ria-Jaine is educated in Business and Accounting and is your ‘go to’ for any accounting needs, specialising in taxation and the Beauty Industry.

After achieving her dream of becoming a licensed Accountant and owner of a self-employed beauty business, Ria boasts a successful accounting career of just under a decade, winning awards along the way and featuring in several accounting and business articles.

​As well as a passion for numbers and accounting, Ria is extremely passionate about helping the community and volunteers as a family support worker to help support young families via the charity Homestart. Ria also featured in the first edition of Lash-ed in support of the campaign for the beauty industry against domestic violence coordinated by Julie Knights.

Ria identified a huge gap within the beauty sector mostly the new self-employed businesses in the understanding of the UK income tax system and obligations imposed by HMRC. Ria also noticed an increase in the number of self-employed staff working in salons of late which has also caused some confusion within the beauty industry which motivated her to pursue her business model.