Business Mentoring

Do you have a business mentor or have you ever thought about having a mentor?
I strongly believe it’s one of the key things that is crucial to have within your business. If you don’t already have a business mentor then I highly encourage you to research it and find someone you look up to, to potentially work with.

All business owners know it can be very lonely in business and It’s very hard to find someone that understands your struggles and needs. And that can give you real advice in situations, information that friends and family might not know. A mentor is your ‘go to’ person, someone that is exceptionally experienced in all situations.

Do you want to grow your business? or learn how to step out of your business, so you can work on your business more?
Growing your business and learning how to bring in more money is another way a mentor can help. Maybe you have other business ventures that you want to step into but don’t know how?

I am a business mentor myself. I offer one-to-one sessions, plus group workshops. I know for my business owners I can get them to stop working on the salon floor and work on their business which is going to benefit them greatly in profits.
A lot of salon owners are scared to step out as usually they are the biggest earners in the salon and have the biggest clientele. Then they are working day and night. Day in the salon and at night on the business which usually leads to them reaching breaking point.

They fear that if they stop working in the salon that their clients will go elsewhere. But, I teach them how to keep all of their clients and also how to move them over to other therapists ensuring that the salon keeps all of those clients!

I am confident that I can bring them an extra 20 plus new clients in the first few weeks. I am also confident I can make them happier within their working life, which will reflect their personal life which will give them more free time.

Business mentors are not at all cheap and the reason why many people do not have them, but they will make a huge impact on your business and your life. A mentor will be the best investment you will make and I can assure you that you will gain every penny back in a variety of ways.
I would love to hear your thoughts and views on business mentoring. Share your stories with me.
Katie Godfrey
KG Salon / KG Professional
FB/Insta: KGSalon/KGProfessional

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