The NMC Stage Talks: Rachel Pebworth


Reignite the passion into your business It has been an unsettling time for both you and your clients, and many therapists have struggled to reignite the passion back into their business post-covid. Maybe you are struggling to get started, or have found it difficult to build your business back up, or perhaps you are doing okay but know…

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The NMC Stage Talks: MASCED –Melanoma and Skin Cancer Early Detection

marie tudor, skcin

Skin cancer surveillance training for the beauty sector Presented by Marie Tudor CEO – National skin cancer charity Skcin The MASCED accreditation programme has been developed by national skin cancer charity ‘Skcin’ to educate beauty industry professionals on the detection of suspicious lesions that may be observed on their clients skin. The objective of the accreditation…

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The NMC Stage Talks: Kate Browne

kate brown headshot

Bringing Anatomy to Life by Kate Browne Anatomy isn’t easy. Thousands of names derived from Latin can be overwhelming. Of course, we don’t need to know it all. Body Paint Anatomy came from the realisation that learning muscle anatomy as a student or revising it as a practitioner could actually be a joyous, creative and…

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The NMC Stage Talks: James Earls

Book Launch & Signing: What Happens When Our Feet Don’t Work??? Foot function affects the rest of the body. Our feet are the most common point of interaction between us and the ground and they have to manage significant forces during complex movements. During this talk we will explore what happens when our feet stop…

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The NMC Stage Talks: Mary Sanderson

Book Launch & Signing SOFT TISSUE RELEASE by Mary Sanderson A presentation on the increasingly popular form of massage known as soft tissue release (STR), and an explanation of why this wonderfully versatile technique is such a useful tool for the manual therapist to incorporate in their client’s treatment plans. STR is adaptable and easy…

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The NMC Stage Talks: Tamer Morsy

Make sure you visit The NMC Stage for this incredible session with Tamer Morsy!  When the pandemic started in March 2020, I’ve started working on creating Massage Hub to support therapists’ education journey at a low cost, also, I wanted to help our community to make a sustainable income that can help them when they…

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