Chat with Ian Archbold on Creating Salon Success Podcast

I, Louisa Ashforth had the opportunity to chat with Ian Archbold on my podcast the other week. This was an absolute honour and we chatted all things Olympia, lockdown and the industry as a whole.

I loved this chat and felt completely inspired by Ian. I love the fact that he gives everyone a chance, he understands the need to focus and help represent smaller brands. I have my own skincare range and I can speak first hand how he has given me a platform to show my products. Being a northern girl, getting my products into London salons can be a little more challenging and by being able to demonstrate and show my products at Olympia, it gives me a foot in the door.

I know I am not alone, when I say this either.

Ian is so successful within the industry and has been the show director since 2004, and in this episode we talk about what you can expect from Olympia beauty and what makes this year’s show just a little bit different.

The industry never stands still and Ian ensures Olympia beauty doesn’t either. He is always bringing something new to the show and this year is no different.

He is so up to date and even has found ways to incorporate Club House into Olympia. This is a sneak preview on this episode, so make sure you have a listen.

You can also register to be part of the salon and spa owners club, and if you fancy hearing a little more about my LA Skincare brand, I have a table in there and would love to tell you more.

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Thank you so much Ian.