adds three unique tools to its Software Management Platform Community Forums, Academy Training & Weekly Blog Tips adds three unique tools to its Software Management Platform Community Forums, Academy Training & Weekly Blog Tips

Business Owners can now train their staff properly with a 3 Day Course by Academy, Share ideas, Questions and sell or buy devices with other Business Owners on the Platform, also read weekly Blog business tips on how to improve and scale the business better than ever before.

Three Aspects You Probably Didn’t Know That Will Blow Your Business 

Clinic Software ®.com gives your entire company a 360-degree view of your customers, appointments and facilitates collaboration across your organization, helping you build strong customer relationships to run and grow your business using 100+ features., the Most Comprehensive Management Software based on their customer reviews and the most Innovative Software based on their most wanted award , announced that doing business online has changed and all the online businesses will need the proper training, better business tips but also a platform where to meet up and share their ideas and help each other.

Their latest updates are included but are not limited to 3 (there) main aspects created to Help and Support other businesses, Academy for Better Training, Weekly Blogs for Better Tips and Community Forums for better support, ideas, Q & A. Using their platform you will receive access to all their features from Day 1.

From the Academy section you will be able to use Academy for proper training of your staff members but the new staff members as well. Plus they have in plan to constantly improve their service and not only to train businesses how to take the most from a software but also to train the way they are talking to their customers as well.

From the Blog Tips section you will be able to keep up with the latest news, business tips, improve your business, create better marketing campaigns, teach your staff better than before.

From their Community Section you will have the capability not only to share ideas, ask questions, suggest improvements, request help, but also the capability to meet business owners like you where they may have the same small issues you have in your business and you can find solutions together, they may sell a device you need, or you can sell your old machines and devices and update with the new ones. On top of these you will be able receive FREE access to exclusive discounts and packages from all the providers you will need in order to grow your business even if that provider could be a laser hair removal factory, or a Derma-Pen seller, a specific product or any other help you need and it may come from where you do not even expect.

“We’ve always been about meaningful training and improve the business relationships in the Industry but also sharing business tips with our clients at and this can change your business and the capability to scale in unbelievable ways,” said CEO Alexandru Stefan.

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