Creative in your expression, an UNDENIABLE force!


Sometimes in life, you have to be creative in your ideology of knowing what you want and expect as a consumer.

It was 3 years ago a UK brand was created in a small kitchen with the idea to develop a superior range of make up based in the UK for deeper complexions. Through research and consultation the brand started to develop and have a purpose underpinned by principles, objectives and then finally launched to the UK market in 2017. This became better known as B:UNDENIABLE.

B:UNDENIABLE is a new make-up range dedicated to helping the beautiful, UK woman of melanated skin, create a look that can help her to confidently embrace her individuality and character.

Founded by British, female entrepreneur, Nadine Bryan who has spearheaded an opulent, makeup range which speaks to the woman of today; a woman who wants to use products that provide a smooth and flawless look.

B:UNDENIABLE’s range contains the strong pigments in bold colours and cool-warm undertones which mimic the full range of complexions, which also fits in her handbag between her Fenty and her high street products. The launch comes at a time when makeup is more important than ever as an expression of personal style, whether the look is natural, classic or fashion-forward.

Furthermore, the brand’s principle is to provide products that encompass excellent ingredients that has moisturisers, anti-oxidant content as well as being lightweight with full-coverage, highly pigmented eye shadows and lipsticks.

We believe in the motto of creating ‘Investment Pieces’ of high impact results with minimum use to achieve a flawless and radiant look. Nevertheless, we also understand the need for consistency and in doing so we create consumer confidence within our brand and our delivery of quality with each and every use.


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