Dad & daughter duo raise over £9,000 with nail painting challenge

A nine-year-old girl called Esme, who is fighting acute myeloid leukaemia, and her dad, Richard have launched ‘Esme’s Man-icure Challenge’ to help raise money for Young Lives vs Cancer.

After being diagnosed in March this year, to help raise her spirits during intensive rounds of chemotherapy, Esme’s dad, Richard let her paint his nails bold and bright colours to bring a smile to her face.

Since then, the challenge was born and the duo are now encouraging people to paint the nails of male family members to help raise money for the cause.

The rules for Esme’s Man-icure challenge are as follows:

1) The nail polish has to be the brightest, most garish colour possible.

2) Photographic evidence of application and the end result must be provided.

3) It has to stay there for at least a week!

Esme and Richard have now raised over £9,000 since starting the challenge and aim to raise as much as they can for a charity close to their hearts.

To get involved, tag your pictures with #esmesmanicurechallenge on Instagram and you can join the Facebook group here

Donate to Esme and Richard’s Just Giving page here

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