Deliver the perfect client consultation

A consultation allows you to gather information from your client, understand their needs and expectations, and recommend the right products.

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Why are client consultations so important for your business?

Build confidence and loyalty.

When you listen to your clients, they feel valued. And by giving them the results that they want, you can be sure they’ll rebook. Listen actively, read their body language, and ask relevant questions to understand exactly what they’re looking for.

Protect your reputation.

Consultations reduce the likelihood of client complaints, and give your staff the opportunity to ask clients about any allergies, sensitivities or health conditions that might impact their treatment. Identify and prevent problems before they happen, and be sure your client signs off on what you’ve discussed, before the treatment.

Increase retail sales.

A client consultation is the perfect time to upsell products and treatments, which will lead to a better bottom line. Remember, it’s not just about the money, it’s about offering your clients products and services that will make them feel great about themselves. Win-win!

Keep client notes up-to-date.

By keeping a record of your client’s treatment history, other stylists or therapists will be able to take over from you if you’re away. Keep your notes in a handy place where your colleagues can access them.

Let’s hear it from an expert!

We spoke to leading beauty industry professional Tamara Shaw to see how she runs a successful client consult.

Tamara Shaw, Beaute Industrie

Understanding your clients’ skin history is a must. Help your clients put their best face forward, and ensure your recommendations will work for their unique needs. Take the time to discuss their skincare concerns and identify realistic goals for your session.

Tamara’s approach to conducting a consult:

  1. Ask open-ended questions following the acronym T.E.D. – tell me, explain to me or describe for me, which allows the client to open up and makes the conversation flow.
  2. When asking about current products your client is using, ask questions like ‘What brands are you using?’, and ‘How long have you been using that range?’. This will give you an insight into their budget and skincare journey so far.
  3. Ask questions like ‘When did this became a concern for you?’, and ‘Can you point to the areas where you’re experiencing this condition?’ This gives you a reference as to internal triggers that might be manifesting themselves through the skin.

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Find Timely on Stand F72 at Olympia Beauty 2019!

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