Divinelash by Divine Herbal

Exhibiting at the Olympia Beauty show this Autumn
Helping to strengthen and lengthen the lashes, Divine Herbal have created the mildly formulated Divinelash; a serum that’s gentle enough to use around the sensitive eye area. Utilising the vitamin-rich properties of carrot, apricot, wheatgerm and eleven other fortifying plant extracts, this fragrance-free, 99.7% organic serum delivers a daily boost of nutrients, which help to reduce breakage, and encourage stronger and more rapid eyelash growth.
Within 1-2 weeks results show that eyelashes appear healthier and more conditioned
Within 2-6 weeks eyelash breakage is gradually reduced
After 6 weeks a gradual lengthening and thickening effect can be noticed, along with a continued decrease in breakage
For best results Divine Herbal’s director and product developer ‘Syed’ recommends allowing at least 3 months to see the full effects of the product, as the eyelash growth cycle itself takes approximately 3 months.
“I use it myself on just one side and not the other. My main reason for doing so is so that at beauty shows I can demonstrate to customers stopping at our stand how it works. All I have to do is close my eyes and ask them to tell me which side – right or left they can see a difference in length. The vast majority of people can easily point out the correct side I am using it on”.
Divinelash follows on from the success of previous products: the ‘Hair Oil’ – for hair loss, the ‘Facial Treatment Serum’ for pigmentation and anti-ageing concerns, and more recently ‘Divinebrow’ which was the first British-made, organic eyebrow serum with a 60-day money back guarantee.
The Divine Herbal story started in 2010 when the ‘Hair Oil’ was launched to the public. Almost 8 years later it is still the brands’ biggest selling product in over 130 salons & pharmacies nationwide.
Divine Herbal can be found on stand F94 at Olympia Beauty 2017

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