E.Mi a Global brand

E.Mi a Global brand

E.Mi is an international brand of stylish studio manicure, the favourite of superstars, nail industry leaders, and fashionistas in 28 countries all over the world.

E.Mi is well-loved for its high-quality products, a never-ending stream of product innovation, unique designs, and comprehensive business solutions for beauty studios.

A global brand
E.Mi is a global brand in every sense of the word, working with the best suppliers of raw materials from Europe, South Korea, and the USA to create the best products.

A favourite of celebrities
E.Mi manicure is favored not only by Russian fashion icons, such as singer Glukoza or actress Polina Maksimova – it is also the first choice of many Hollywood superstars like Noomi Rapace, Doutzen Kroes or Rihanna.

A shining star of Fashion Week
E.Mi manicure shines bright at Fashion Week catwalks around the world – in Paris, Moscow, London, or Seoul.

E.Mi manicure
The popularity of the comprehensive E.Mi manicure speaks for itself, with beauty studios in 156 cities around the world providing the service to 32 000 clients. All E.Mi products are made to be on par with the European quality standards, guaranteeing the procedure’s safety to both the client and the nail artist.

Ekaterina Miroshnichenko
From a nail master to a world champion
A founder and the main E.Mi brand technologist, an author and designer of Enamel over Gold (2008), Imitation of a reptile skin (2009) , Crackled Effect and Ethnic Prints (2010), Velvet sand and Liquid stones (2012), 3D Vintage (2013), TEXTONE&Combiture (2014); a designer of unique materials: Black Tulip, Velvet sand, GLOSSEMI, EMPASTA, TEXTONE, PRINCOT; a world champion nail design (Paris, 2010), two-time European champion (Athens, Paris, 2009), an international referee.

The E.mi school uk are proud to be the partners and distributors of E.mi international.
Our head office is based in London and our training school is providing training in all nail art and hard gel courses. We have since received a tremendous response.