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The world’s first portable treatment chairs are nearly here…

Our beautiful, clever chairs are in production and we cannot wait to get them out to you professionals!
They will be ready to purchase days after the event, so make sure you come to stand B11 to check them out and ask as many questions as you like. And of course sit in them, pack them away and assemble them again. Or why not get a feel for how you would use your own Purcy Chair with your clients?

Here are some key facts about Purcy Chair:
* Assembles and disassembles in under 2 minutes (respectively).
* The chair weighs 25kg – Compared to usual heavy, cumbersome 75-100kg salon chairs.
* Recline and Adjust height.
* Transport case with custom foam housing, to ensure safe and easy transportation.
* Modular accessories are currently in design, for example – Tool/equipment tray to attach to the chair when working on location and many more.
* Built with the finest, top quality materials. But we don’t need to ‘hard sell’ this aspect, they really speak for themselves.
* Extensive research into development, ensuring a safe, robust – but portable, beautiful chair. Shaving off any excess weight where possible.

At Purcy Chair Co. we obsess over the smallest of details and nothing goes unnoticed or gets past quality control. And our chairs effortlessly demonstrate this.

All chairs are tested to ANSI BIFMA* trading standards (America’s most stringent testing procedure for chairs of this nature).

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