Emma Gilmore

Emma Gilmore APNT, iMFT, BCMA Reg, CNHC, CST, BCST
Emma is founder and director of School of Bodywork, which provides inspirational massage and Myofascial Release training both nationally and internationally. Emma is an advanced therapist who commenced her career in bodywork 25 years ago; she initially studied Rhythmical Massage and was mesmerised by the immediate, positive effects of permissive, therapeutic touch. This passion and curiosity spurred her on to study Swedish Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Indian Head Massage, progressing on to Sports Massage. Emma developed a very successful and dynamic practice specialising in chronic injuries. Her passion for dealing with chronic injuries, combined with her growing interest in how physical and emotional trauma is held in the body led her to study Myofascial Release in depth. She learnt all she could from inspirational tutors both in the UK and the US; these amazing techniques revolutionised her practice and her life. Since first learning fascial release techniques in 2006 during her sports massage training, Emma has developed her own very specific style of working with fascia, right down to a cellular level. Her workcombines an awareness of the delicacy of the human condition, working with and releasing physical and emotional holding patterns that manifest in the tissues of the body. This brings enormous relief to clients, on a physical and emotional level.

Emma teaches Myofascial Release both nationally and internationally – her knowledge and enthusiasm for her subject are palpable. Emma also writes regularly for Massage World Magazine and has been approached by a book publisher to write a book on fascia.

Having a deep knowledge, not just of bodywork, but also anatomy and physiology Emma is passionate about sharing her detailed knowledge in an accessible and engaging way; she encourages students to develop their own style, and to draw on their own personal knowledge and experiences when dealing with patients. She aims to listen to and accommodate the needs of all students, encouraging them to shine as individuals.

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