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Book a stand

Thank you for your interest in a stand at Olympia Beauty.

There are a number of stand options available to suit the needs of your business. Find out more by completing the steps below.

Step 1: Download the floorplan

Download the floorplan and select one of the available stands in white. Make a note of the stand number

Step 2: Choose a stand type

£229.00 + VAT per m2 for Space only, no carpet
The floor space is provided to the dimensions of the booked stand. Exhibitors are responsible for the design & construction of the stand in the reserved space.

£239.00 + VAT per m2 for Shell Scheme

Includes rear and dividing walls, carpet, name board and ceiling grid onto which spotlights may be fixed (spotlights, electricity and furniture should be ordered separately).

Step 3: Complete the stand application form 

Stand application form

Once you have submitted the form a member of the sales team will contact you to discuss your requirements, give you the cost of your selection and finalise your stand booking.

Please call a member of the sales team on 01959 569867 or email ian.archbold@olympiabeauty.co.uk.