Olympia Beauty 2021 Exhibitor List

3D Lipo Ltd

Stand: E30

Advanced Esthetics Solutions LTD

Stand: D20

Aesthetic Technology Limited

Stand: F28
Body Contouring/Inch Loss | Manufacturer | Skincare

All That Sparkles

Stand: B45

Aqua Massage ltd

Stand: G90

Assay Beauty

Stand: A76

Balens Ltd

Stand: F100

Bambi Lashes Academy

Stand: LG 4


Stand: B47
Manicure & Pedicure | Massage | Wellness

Beauty For Ltd

Stand: G50

Beauty Science

Stand: GB5
Haircare | Manufacturer | Skincare

Beauty Triangle International T/A Lycon Wax

Stand: E75

Bellezi Beauty Equipment

Stand: G70

Benefit Cosmetics UK & Ireland

Stand: F40

BioPhotas, Inc

Stand: G12

Biotec Italia UK

Stand: C22

Breast Cancer Now

Stand: F90

Brillbird UK Ltd

Stand: B8

City Lady LTD

Stand: C6

City Lux

Stand: NMC4
Holistic Therapy | Massage | Spas

Clinical Health Technologies

Stand: G34

Cool Herbals Ltd

Stand: G14


Stand: B22

Cosmeditech Innvations (T/A Cocoon Medical)

Stand: D80

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Stand: D95 & C95

Costco Wholesale Wembley

Stand: C96

Cozy Equipment

Stand: NMC 8

CSS Education

Stand: F102
Education & Training


Stand: F1

Decadence Hair & Beauty

Stand: B48

Donna Bella

Stand: E100

Erlinda Cutlery

Stand: D75

Fauzia Beauty & Spa

Stand: B64

Federation of Nail Professionals

Stand: TBC


Stand: NMC 7

Flores BW t/a NailKind

Stand: C30

Gemology Cosmetics

Stand: F50

Georganics Ltd

Stand: GB09

Georgie Smedley Group

Stand: D40

Glamorous Lengths Ltd


Glitter Body Art Ltd

Stand: B9

Hampson Beauty Group

Stand: F30

Health Emporium

Stand: G101

Helen E Hair & Beauty Products Ltd

Stand: H40

I Nails

Stand: D1

Ignite International Brands

Stand: E65

iLash hero

Stand: LG 6

INK London

Stand: G33

International Massage Education Ltd

Stand: NMC 1
Education & Training | Massage


Stand: B46

Kaz London Ltd

Stand: G67

KG Professional

Stand: LG 7
Education & Training | Eyelashes & Eyebrows | Supplier

Kiara Sky

Stand: D70

L’Atelier Green Paris

Stand: GB15

LA Skincare

Stand: H112
Education & Training | Holistic Therapy | Skincare

Lady Lashes Ltd

Stand: H90

Lash-Ed Magazine

Stand: LG 8


Stand: G71
Cosmetics | Eyelashes & Eyebrows | Make Up

Lengbox Ltd

Stand: G42

Lisa Kon UK

Stand: F86
Education & Training | Manicure & Pedicure | Nail Polishes


Stand: GB4

Lotus Publishing

Stand: NMC 5

Louella Belle Ltd

Stand: E1

Magpie Beauty

Stand: C85
MARICI multipurpose balm


Stand: A80
Skincare | Spas | Supplier
Massage Table

Massage Warehouse

Stand: NMC 3
Equipment & Furniture | Massage | Wellness

Massage World Magazine

Stand: NMC 2


Stand: B24

Medaesthetics Ltd T/A PRP Lab

Stand: G102

Meraki Professional

Stand: B10


Stand: B50
Manicure & Pedicure | Nail Art | Nail Polishes

Moyra UK Ltd

Stand: B61


Stand: A1, H13

Natural Beauty At 37

Stand: C94

Natural by Nature Oils Ltd

Stand: E77

New Era Group



Stand: A10


Stand: F28

Palmistry & Tarot

Stand: A90

Perfecte Me

Stand: D100

PinkFishes Ltd

Stand: C60

Pro Impressions Ltd

Stand: A20

Pro Touch Awareness

Stand: NMC 6

Purcy Chair Company

Stand: B11

Razia’s London

Stand: H116

Rear Gear LLP

Stand: A80


Stand: E20
Equipment & Furniture | Manufacturer | Spa Equipment & Design

Root Minerals

Stand: H114
Cosmetics | Make Up | Manufacturer

Rosmetics Ltd

Stand: C34

Shire Leasing PLC

Stand: G40
Marketing, Recruitment & Finance Services


Stand: E70

Slowianka Nails

Stand: B31

Songbird Naturals

Stand: C110

South West Aesthetics Ltd

Stand: H30

Staffordshire Nail Academy Ltd

Stand: B20 FROM B10
Nail Art | Nail Polishes | Salon Accessories

Studex UK Ltd

Stand: E70
Education & Training | Manufacturer | Piercing

Technical Laser Care ltd t/a LPG

Stand: C25

The Beauty Click

Stand: A60

The Brickyard Group

Stand: F32

The College of Naturopathic Medicine

Stand: G72

The Face Painting Shop

Stand: G60

The Gel Bottle

Stand: D10

The Kindr Company

Stand: GB3
Smart Group

The Smart Group

Stand: F25
Aesthetics | Laser | Non-surgical

The Unicorns Den

Stand: B74

Tooth Fairy

Stand: G120


Stand: D88
Aesthetics | Nutrition & Supplements | Skincare

VL London

Stand: C10

White & Co Cosmetics UK Ltd

Stand: H70

World Lash University

Stand: LG 9

YNR International

Stand: H110

Yotta Pay

Stand: B52

Your Zooki

Stand: G66