Gelish introduces the fastest enhancement service ever!

Gelish is excited to announce the launch of the fastest and most professional nail enhancements ever made! Offering long nails to salon clients is now easier than ever! New Gelish Soft Gels and Soft Gel Tips are a revolutionary pair that work together to create a lightcured, pre-shaped nail enhancement. Lovers of long nails get ready to rejoice! Gelish Soft Gels give you gorgeous length with full-coverage and durable nails in just 20 minutes or less! 

Soft Gel Tips look and feel like your own nails… only better! These full-coverage, breakthrough nail tips are made with a unique soft jelly-material that gives ultimate flexibility and durability. The Soft Gel tips are lighter than air and are designed to cover from the cuticle to free edge. Soft Gel Tips move with the contour of the natural nail for a perfect fitting, stronger and more break-resistant design. They are available in four ready-to-wear styles: Medium Round, Medium Coffin, Long Coffin, and Long Stiletto. Soft Gel Tips’ eleven sizes provide an effortless fit and flawless look, not to mention snag-free wear! 

The Soft Gel products, Soft Gel Tip Primer and Soft Gel Tip Adhesive, are built on the famous Gelish 

Foundation adhesion that nail techs know and love. Yes, Soft Gel Tips are adhered to the nail using an LED curable Gel Tip Adhesive created with patented Gelish technology. Using a soft gel adhesive ensures a premium bond with the Soft Gel Tips for 21 days of ultimate, reinforced wear! 

The Soft Gel system not only offers a fast, high quality set of enhancements but also allows nail technicians to upcharge for a premium service that takes roughly the same amount of time as a gel polish manicure. Soft Gels make it easier than ever to offer long nails with a lightening speed service. Nail technicians can double their profits for the same amount of time spent per service! 

About Gelish® 

Gelish. Done Right. From the start. CEO & Founder Danny Haile, understands that nothing is more important than the tools of the craft. Quality is the #1 priority. Gelish is the first gel polish ever invented with a United States and international patented formula. 

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