Great news Gelosophy fans!
Astonishing UK have worked closely with Astonishing Global to lower the price of your favorite gel polish.

Gelosophy is a specially formulated soak off UV/LED nail polish. Gelosophy is a non-solvent UV gel polish. It provides the nail professional a primary or add on service. Gelosophy comes with a primary color pallet of 121 colours and four fashion oriented seasonal collections every year. Gelosophy is a non-solvent UV/LED gel that has the perfect viscosity for easy application in thin layers reducing any excess volume.

Features & Benefits
• 121 core colours +
• 4 seasonal collections every year
• Pure Gel
• Perfect viscosity
• Intensive colours
• Great coverage
• LED/UV curable
• Soak-off
• 15ml bottle
• Highest quality brush
• Meticulously researched and tested
• Made in Europe

The new price for the stunning 15ml colours is now only £12.50 exc.vat, this is a huge saving of £2.77 incl.vat per bottle.

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In the Gelosophy collection there is also the extremely popular Soak Off Stretch Base Gel.
Your manicure will be smoother than ever with this Soak Off Stretch Base Gel with ridge filling properties. This amazing product smooths out any unevenness of the nails and hardens soft, thin nails. It does not only strengthen the nails, but also allows them to grow without cracking. It creates a flawless foundation for an easy, perfect gel polish application. A must-have with the Gelosophy application!

Features & Benefits
• Creates flawless foundation for polish applications Corrects imperfections and fills ridges
• Thicker viscosity than traditional base gel
• Flexible
• Great unique “rubbery” adhesion
• Primer is optional
• Easy brush on application
• Suitable for strengthening natural nail
• Soaks off within 5-10 min.
• Available in 6 shades

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