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GREEN BEAUTY is a BRAND NEW show area dedicated to transparent labelling, non-toxic ingredients, natural and organic products and sustainability in the industry

Clean Beauty has been growing at pace in the industry, with a focus from consumers on transparent labelling and non-toxic ingredients, but there has also been a huge shift towards natural and organic products. Sustainability within the beauty industry has also been a long-standing issue that consumers are continuously growing aware of and it’s the beauty industry’s responsibility to look at all of this and react to the consumer’s wishes.

The Olympia Beauty show aims to bring this to the fore with their new show area. GREEN BEAUTY will have a dedicated demonstration stage, where professional visitors can experience innovative products, ideas and teachings in small groups throughout the show. There will also be a published schedule of events and exhibitors ahead of the show, where exhibitors who fall into this GREEN BEAUTY category can also be highlighted for the visiting beauty professional interested in this growing market.

If involvement in GREEN BEAUTY is of interest to you please email or call 01959-569867