Hand painted Stick-on-Nails with a difference!

Hand painted Stick-on-Nails with a difference!

We are all busy people with hectic lives, time is vital and should never be wasted. That is where our Stick-on-Nails come into our lives. If you are too busy to go to the salon, or you simply do not want the commitment of having acrylics, applying Stick-on-Nails is the way to go. Instantly glam up your look, easy to apply and most of all, they are reusable if taken care of.

The difference with our Bows & Toes Stick-on-Nails with other stick on nails you see in other stores is that we are unique. All our nails are individually hand painted and designed by our team in the UK. Every stroke and detail are designed with a difference! Every set of nails are, unique, vibrant and designed to a very high quality.

We are all different in many ways, our looks, our personality, tastes and behaviour. Our hand painted nails will sure bring that individuality out in YOU!

We do not mass produce our handcrafted nails and each individual set of nails is as unique as the next.
You can be sure to turn heads with a set of our limited edition set of nails.

Not only do we create nails for women, we also design nails for children from the age of approx 7 years of age. For our BOW GIRLS, we have included in the pack nail tabs, which are safe and easy to apply and remove. Every little girl can also have their nails looking glamorous.

We have recently launched our Stick-on-Toenails which are for the big toes only. Working in the nail industry for over 15years, we understand that our big toes give us the biggest problems and also has the biggest impact on our feet. Most of our current Toenails are designed with Swarovski diamonds because we know how much us women love to sparkle.

With our Art and Design educational backgrounds and our experience in the nail industry, we are sure that you can find a set of stunning nails to suit you in every occasion. Please come and take a look at Olympia Beauty 2018.

We look forward to seeing you all there.


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