Healthier skin begins with step zero

healthier skin begins with step zero.

If there is one professional secret everyone should adopt for clean, clear and glowing skin, it’s Dermalogica’s exclusive Double Cleanse technique – the method that Dermalogica skin therapists have sworn by for over 30 years.

zero make-up, zero irritation, zero residue.

The Double Cleanse technique includes two simple steps for ultra-clean, happy skin. Here’s how to work it:

  • Step Zero:

Remove all the grime and daily build up from the surface of your skin with the NEW PreCleanse Balm.

Take a small amount of your PreCleanse Balm and spend a few extra seconds massaging into your entire face and neck. Ensure you go up to the hairline, spend time on your forehead, chin, nose and under the jaw and remember to go down onto the neck and around the back of the ears. When it comes to removing the cleanser, add plenty of tepid water which will allow the product to emulsify into a milky consistency and rinse off the skin, taking everything away with it.

  • Step One:

A deeper clean that will target your personal issues like congestion, dryness and sensitivity.

Apply your recommended Dermalogica cleanser and let it work it’s magic, get deep into the pores and fully remove any impurities for a professional level of clean. Skin is left soft, nourished and ready to receive the benefits of the rest of your regular skin care regimen. Your cleanest skin, ever.