Hypnotherapy can make you beautiful

Hypnotherapy can make you beautiful

Mindy Gill is really making a dent in the health and beauty industry; a power-house of ambition and heart, she is the first female hypnotherapist to be featured in a scientific peer reviewed journal for her work, and a vivacious perfectionist on a mission to change lives and make big impact.

How does Hypnotherapy and Beauty go together?

Great question. So lets start with what hypnotherapy really means. Contrary to what you may have seen on television, hypnotherapy does not mean to lose all control to the tangible world and to lose control to yourself and to be controlled by another. Hypnotherapy is, rather, a form of awakening, to lead you towards living the fullest life that exists within you. Hypnotherapy believes that all of the answers lie within you – and it the job of hypnosis to simply bring the answers out of you, and allow you to truly follow a path which you desire. And do you know what all of this ‘living the most fulfilled life and existence’ means to your human condition? Vibrance. Love. Beauty. Beauty.

The most beautiful people are the ones who allow their light to shine bright. It’s simple. Beauty starts from within.

And happiness? well, happiness is not a destination. Your journey is the destination. It’s about making peace with your journey and finding pockets of happiness-through living in the now.

So who is Mindy Gill?

Mindy Gill is a true pioneer and contemporary thought leader of modern culture and lifestyle. A reflection of two opposites: Mindy is really breaking new professional ground in the Hypnotherapy industry whilst being it’s contemporary face, fully immersed in popular culture, lifestyle and feminism. Having worked for 10 years in digital advertising, focusing on advertising sales and digital solution, Mindy was left with a first-hand understanding of the stresses and strains of the corporate world.

In 2011, Mindy launched her practise in Harley Street – Hypnotherapy in London, and has since won many accolades; being a Registered Member of The National Hypnotherapy Society and working towards her Masters in Clinical Hypnosis from Robert Gordon University. She is one of the first female hypnotherapists to have her work published in academic journal ‘Sleep & Hypnosis’. On the flip side, Mindy is really about making an impact on the beauty, lifestyle and wellness space. Mindy’s strongest mantra is to be kind, and she encourages her clients to have fun and be authentic – something which she herself personifies though her creative partnerships with interior design store 5mm www.5mm.co, upcoming restaurant Wulf & Lamb (www.wulfandlamb.com), Abigail James (http://abigailjames.com). and her in-house role as Hypnotherapist for the contemporary chic, female pioneers of the Fiena Members Club www.fiena.co/club.

She is transcending the barriers of what hypnotherapy and therapy itself can achieve. You can follow her on Instagram @the_mindy_gill and take a browse through her personal brand: www.mindygill.com and Harley Street website www.hypnosis-in-london.com.

If you would like to book an appointment get in touch online or via telephone 0203 937 8883. Make sure you visit her on the Holistic Therapist Magazine stand in October at Beauty London. To register for your FREE tickets click here.

I learnt to mediate from the age of 5 from my great grandmother in a rural village in India. We had to meditate every day, and this is where I started to learn the techniques of how to manage my mind. From this point I went on to induce lucid dreams and out of body explorations as a hobby . When I was 17, I went to the Himalayas for an inherently eastern, traditional pilgrimage; and this was a deeply soulful experience for me . This was where my journey really began. Now I know that our minds and subconscious are the most powerful tools we have – and it is my mission to make sure this power is utilised to empower your life. – Mindy Gill

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