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An interview with Helga Toth-Halapi, CEO and Director of Luxury Eye Ltd.

I used to aspire to be like one of the top eyelash trainers.  I saved my money for months and then finally was able to travel to Hungary to train under her.

When I arrived, I was overwhelmed, her lifestyle looked so wonderful, like a fairy-tale.  She owned a beautiful salon, was her own boss, very confident and people listened to her.  She had luxurious possessions and would travel the world.  I thought “OMG! This is her life? and I work in a bar?”.  I didn’t realise this lifestyle even existed but now I had had a glimpse into her lifestyle I wanted more for myself.

I learnt so much, and she was very engaging and encouraged me to continue in the lash industry, she then gave me a set of specialised tweezers and said, “these tweezers are for you!”.  I will never forget how I felt when she handed me those tweezers, it was as if she had given me an internal confidence and power to do what I dreamed of doing.

When I went back to the UK, reality hit.  It was hard to come back to my normal life, and I couldn’t stop daydreaming about where I had been and the life I now wanted.  It gave me the drive to save, it took me two years to get to a point where I could take on clients and then I only had one-two clients a month in my spare time as I still had to keep a full time job, no-one knew me as a lash artist and I was working from my living room.  Eventually I moved to a new house and made one of the rooms into a beauty room for clients.  I changed jobs to a full-time receptionist in order to be able to pay the bills.

April 2016, I won my first ever competition in Budapest, Hungary.  I didn’t think I was ever going to place so didn’t feel confident in entering but my trainer pushed me to do it because she believed in me.

My family didn’t really understand what a life changer this career and competitions could be, but they always wished me luck as they wanted me to be happy.

I completed lots more training and several competitions and slowly people started to ask me lots of questions about products as well as asking for help and tips.  So i opened a local shop dedicated to high quality products which I would personally test and recommend.  My family were so proud of me, I needed help in running the shop, so my Husband Julius left his job to help me.  I was very lucky that he was so supportive.

I feel blessed to have such a wonderful family and now…….we have a baby on the way! We are so excited!

A baby will change things for sure! So we are preparing everything to run as smoothly as possible, we have more superior software for online purchasing, and we have a lot more employees to ensure the company can operate smoothly whilst I’m transitioning into motherhood.

I am never going to give up though, I have so many ideas and aspirations.  I want to create a more advanced training academy which is more accurate and informative so that trainers can issue the highest quality service for the students.

Quality is so important to me, all my products are personally tested by myself and are of a premium quality.  If they are not, then I wont give my name towards them.  I still go to training sessions as I believe you will always learn something new!

Never give up on your dreams!

Love Helga x

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