Introducing CACI’s NEW Anti-Ageing Hand Treatments 

CACI Hand Rejuvenation (30 minutes) 

CACI’s Rejuvenating Hand Mask is an intensive skin conditioning glove that is applied to the hands to hydrate and nourish the skin, CACI’s Electro Gloves (made from a special electrically conductive material) are then fitted over the Rejuvenating Hand Mask and when activated with the CACI System deliver tiny electrical impulses that help to improve skin firmness and boost circulation. This treatment will leave the hands feeling silky smooth and looking visibly softer and more youthful.

You can also combine CACI Hand Rejuvenation with their signature CACI Non-Surgical Facial for a simultaneous hand and face treatment (that can be treated using CACI’s most advanced system, CACI Synergy). NB this will add just 10 minutes on to your facial treatment.

The Hand Rejuvenation Kit is available to purchase as an Advanced CACI attachment from February 2020. The Kit includes everything you need to start offering the treatment to your clients using your existing CACI system.

For further information please contact Nicole Garsin, Marketing/PR Manager, CACI International