Introducing L’ATELIER Green – Colour With Care, exhibits in brand new GREEN Beauty area of the show!

The first ever breathable and bio-sourced nail varnish, L’ATELIER Green nourishes and cares for your nails whilst refusing to compromise on colour!

Founded by French sisters, and beauty experts, Hamida and Yasmine Smatti, L’ATELIER Green was born after helping countless beauty fans to repair their fragile nails. They saw first hand the need for a product that not only gave the desired colour, shine and long-lasting effect, but that also cared and nurtured the nails and cuticles.

L’ATELIER Green’s debut ‘Naked Nails’ collection boasts breathable properties that allow air and water to pass through the nail plate and ensure that the nail is kept in the best possible condition. The ground-breaking formula possesses purity and bio-sourced standards that have never before been achieved, and is guaranteed to bring your nails back to full health.

Enriched with high performance, organic and active ingredients such as; pure avocado, sweet almond oil, ginseng and zinc, the lacquers stimulate nail growth and repair damage without sacrificing glossiness and long lasting results. The vegan range steers clear from harmful chemicals, never tests on animals or uses animal-derived ingredients and is produced in an eco-friendly approved site…we like to think of it as having a glamorous conscience.

The Naked Nail Collection:

True Innocence – Naked Ambition – Business as Usual – Mama Mia – Le Rouge – No Way Back

Emerald Dreams – Stormy Heart – Hot Couture – Golden Girl – 10ml £15.99

Base Coat – It’s all about the base – 10ml £17.99

Top Coat – All eyes on me – 10ml £17.99

Emergency Treatment – SOS Damaged nails – Will restore virgin quality nails in just one week. It immediately infuses nails with moisture, nutrition and strength. The highly concentrated formula is enriched with vitamin B5 & C, Cacao butter, silicium, bamboo and acai extract – 10ml £19.99

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