Introducing Plasma technology with the ACCOR Cosmetic corrector

Introducing Plasma technology with the ACCOR Cosmetic corrector

One of the fastest growing treatments in the industry Plasma pen technologies can be confusing and misunderstood

This detailed and informative talk and demonstration will provide a thorough explanation and understanding of what Plasma is, its effects on the skin and what treatments can be delivered by using the “4thState of matter”.

Aimed at experienced therapists and salon owners who want to offer permanent results by lifting without surgery.  The talk will show by joining the Plasma Elite the Accor practitioner joins a proven success dedicated treatment excellence.

Plasma technology has been used in the medical world since the 1960’s and has a proven track record within the aesthetic sector for many years.

The ACCOR Cosmetic corrector has a proven track record and been established since 2013. Now used by 1000’s of dedicated practitioners in over 24 countries and endorsed by leading clinical groups in the UK. A German concept and manufactured in the UK.

Detailed explanations of the functions and effects of how plasma can create amazing permanent results in Blethoplasty (the treatment of eye-lids), crows-feet, glabella, face and neck lifts and many more indications.

A live ACCOR treatment will take place on stage where delegates can see “lifting without Surgery” in action.

The ACCOR multi-level education program allows for therapist (minimum level 3) to begin with core treatments and progress to become an expert ACCOR practitioner Capable of delivering over 14 advanced face and body treatments using the phenomenon of sublimation of the skin in a non-invasive and safe delivery ensuring maximum results and exceptional client care recognised around the world.

The ACCOR cosmetic corrector is available on an interest free payment plan allowing salons to deliver Plasma treatments for only £43 per week.

WIN an ACCOR Cosmetic Corrector and training package worth £6000.

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