Paul Clark of Brandwood Clinic

We’re very excited to announce that Paul Clark of Brandwood Clinic will be facilitating a demonstration at The SMP Bootcamp at Olympia London on Sunday 29th September.

For tickets click here.

Paul Clark entered the world of Scalp Micro-Pigmentation (SMP) in 2010 becoming the world’s first ever full-time practitioner.

Paul studied Art and creative sciences at college before training to become a leading tattooist. His qualifications, personality and interest in art led him directly to his desire to help others via the medium of SMP.

Having studied the business, he quickly became acknowledged as the industry’s leading practitioner. Paul combined his artistic knowledge and sense of realism to change the processes and techniques of SMP. In doing so he transformed the treatment, which was outdated in creativity and inauthentic in appearance. In 2011, Paul began training Simon Lane and together a partnership was formed that to this day continues to lead the world in SMP techniques.

Paul Clark continues to receive world-wide recognition within the industry, here are just a few of his highlights to date: 

  • Performed the world’s first live-stream treatment to demonstrate and improve best practice.
  • Created new hairlines – Jagged Hairline and the new exclusive to Brandwood Clinic Feathered Hairline.
  • Created new techniques for scar camouflage.
  • Developed a new correctional technique to help clients who have received bad SMP treatments – treatment exclusive to Brandwood Clinic.
  • Successfully treated clients from around the world including actors, models, boxers, musicians, cricketers, footballers and many from fields as diverse as MMA, speedway, rugby, bodybuilding and baseball.
  • World’s first full-time SMP practitioner.
  • 2017 World SMPTG Artist of The Year
  • 2017 World SMPTG Treatment of the Year, UK
  • 2018 Scalp Guru Awards Outstanding Contribution to the Industry
  • 2018 Micropigmentation UK Scalp Award
  • 2019 World Scalp Awards UK Artist of the Year