Introducing the MP&Gun Meso Gun and Profacial Machines

We are thrilled to be attending the Olympia Beauty Show on 3rd and 4th October. It will be our first beauty show since February 2020.

Rosmetics Aesthetics Limited is an aesthetics product wholesaler based in the heart of the United Kingdom. We have been trading since 2014 and growing year on year. We offer an extensive range of products covering fillers, PRP, mesotherapy, skin peels, skin care, cannulas, threads and clinic hardware.

Rosmetics Aesthetics Limited is excited to be the sole distributor of the new MP&Gun S1500 meso pen gun in the UK.

Manufactured in Turkey to CE Class IIa specifications, the MP&Gun S1500 meso pen gun is fully adjustable for frequency, pressure and depth. It is capable of 1,500 strokes per minute in pen mode and 700 strokes per minute in gun mode. Depth is adjustable between 0.5mm and 10 mm, with 0.1mm precision.

The MP&Gun S1500 meso pen gun uses its own disposable special needle kit which contains either 27Gx12mm, 30Gx12mm or 31Gx12mm needles.

A unique aspect of the MP&Gun S1500 meso pen gun is that it is a self-contained unit. There is no need to use it with a heavy and noisy compressor. The MP&Gun S1500 meso pen gun is supplied with its own highly portable compact case.

Clive Shotton, Sales Director at Rosmetics Aesthetics Limited, says:

“I believe the MP&Gun S1500 meso pen gun will be of huge benefit to mesotherapy and PRP clinics nationwide. It is highly customisable, efficient, painless and portable. Practitioners adopting the MP&Gun S1500 meso pen gun in their own clinic can immediately see an increase in client turnaround and therefore profitability.”

The MP&Gun S1500 meso pen gun will be demoed at our stand, C34, throughout the Olympia Beauty Show.

We have also partnered with Profacial UK to introduce the ProCare XP device. Body contouring and fat reduction treatments have never been more popular in the UK and global aesthetics market, with a growing number of single or dual technology devices offering solutions for this indication.

From the manufacturers of the famous ProFacial, the innovators of the ‘more bang for your buck’ device, the ProCare XP device has been developed to cover every base when addressing non-invasive body, limb, neck and face contouring and fat reduction.

This CE marked device offers 6 proven and results-based technologies on one platform to address the needs of the modern aesthetic clinic.

Each of the 6 technologies offer an advanced innovation in the delivery of the energy for optimum results.

We will also be demonstrating the exceptional ProFacial machine at the show.

“Cleanse, Exfoliate, Extract, Nourish, Hydrate, Stimulate, Tighten, Brighten and promote healthy fit skin.”

Come and experience the multi-technology ProFacial signature treatment and see how this would fit into, expand, your treatment portfolio and increase your customer base. ProFacial has full CE, FDA and ISO certification

Last, but not least, we will also have the PlaSon device at the show, a cool plasma and ultrasonic combination.

Come and experience the original Plasma-poration technology for simultaneous skin cell regeneration, sterilisation, brightening, tightening, pigment regulating, oil production reducing and transdermal delivery of products comparable to injection. No needles = no pain, no downtime and no anaesthesia required.
PlaSon holds 12 patents regarding Plasma-poration and its application, this is teamed with ultrasonic technology for increased absorption of products. PlaSon has full CE, FDA and ISO certification with a multitude of evidence based publications and white papers to validate its efficacy.

We look forward to seeing you on Stand C34 in October!