It’s time to get social!

Get social!

What platforms of social media are you using for your business?

When I started my beauty salon nine years ago social media was only just becoming big. So I found myself advertising in various newspapers for hundreds of pounds per ad, which is not even needed nowadays. So imagine the interaction you could have with that kind of money on a Facebook post?

Over the years social media has grown and grown, with companies relying on their Facebook ads and businesses only marketing tool being through social media platforms!

But social media is turning very ‘sales-y’ now. Potential clients don’t log into their Facebook after a long days work wanting to see sales pitches time after time. It becomes very boring and people will slowly unfollow you. Social Media is called ‘social’ for a reason! So remember to always keep it sociable.

Explore different ways to connect to your clients as this will eventually turn them into live clients booking in with you. Ask them questions, share amazing facts and news. Anything which is still staying professional but not screaming out ‘quick I need this sale, I need clients’

Interact with their posts and stories as every time your name pops up on their posts that person will remember you more and more.

Do you know your audience?

This is a big question. Most people say this is easy, women, all ages. But is it?
You need to break down location, there is no point interacting with someone that is 30 miles away that is never going to book in with you. Or trying to gain likes and followers that are miles away from your business.

Is a 17 year old going to be a good spending client for you?
Is someone that has just got engaged a good client for you?
There are a lot of questions to ask and thinking about who is your right audience. Don’t spend all of your time and energy on an audience that isn’t right for you!

If you need any social media help or guidance then please get in touch.

Katie Godfrey
KG Salon / KG Professional
Insta & FB: Kgsalon / Kgprofessional

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