Judge of The National Massage Championships, Sunita Passi debuts Tedx talk

Sunita Passi is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, holistic educator and product innovator, founding Tri-Dosha in 2005, a leading Ayurvedic training and product house which supplies authentic training and skincare to tops spas, retreats and therapists throughout the UK and worldwide. The granddaughter of an Indian Ayurvedic doctor, sunita came to Ayurveda in an effort to manage her owns stress levels, while working in India as a business journalist. She is also a freelance BBC radio host and judge of the National Massage Championships UK.

“What matters is that we’re fully alive in every respect: how we perceive, how we think, how we feel, how we move. Change one for the better, and they all change – and change is always possible.
Wellbeing starts with how we treat ourselves, and that’s something we can always discover more about. What makes you feel better? What would be even better than that?
You’re only ever a well-timed question away from leading a more blissful life. Wellbeing is about becoming who you are at your best, more often.”

Travelling the world from her London home as a business journalist in her 20s gave Sunita insights into the lives of some very successful people. Many were profoundly time poor, and that was part of what prompted Sunita to explore approaches to health and spirituality, discovering some of the keys to her own wellbeing. Now in her 40s and based in Nottingham, Sunita enjoys cultivating her garden, feeding friends, and living mindfully.

Business-savvy and motivated by finding ways to make wellbeing more achievable, Sunita will be sharing a vision of what a visit to the doctor can be like in years to come. She’s trained in a variety of approaches to healthcare and meditation, and out of that has come a rich appreciation of wellbeing in all its guises. Sunita’s students are ambassadors for this holistic approach, and come from backgrounds including therapy, meditation, and coaching. Her courses are characterised by effective training around marketing and money – something traditional and complementary practitioners are often poorly prepared to deal with, which lets them down and limits the number of people they can serve. Sunita is passionate and bold about the need for a new paradigm, allowing skilled professionals to serve the myriad needs of their patients from a core understanding of the factors that allow illness and disease to restrict our lives. Just as exciting is her conception of how the Alternative Healthcare and Wellness Professionals she envisages can work alongside the NHS.