Karen Dionis of Karen Dionis Advanced Permanent Makeup

We’re very excited to announce that Karen Dionis, Owner of Karen Dionis Advanced Permanent Makeup will be speaking at The PMU Bootcamp on Monday 30 September at Olympia Beauty!

Karen Dionis is the Owner of Karen Dionis Advanced Permanent Makeup studio located in beautiful Winter Park, Florida. Currently she is an affiliate partner of FTPUSA inc. in association with Finishing Touches Group UK.(please check w/Dawn to make sure this is right)

The focus of her work is to foster a culture of academic excellence, and to ensure the confidence and success of students who wish to enter or advance in their chosen area of cosmetic micropigmentation.

Karen has an extensive background as a professional makeup artist, licensed skincare specialist and instructor within the professional modeling and fashion world. This equipped her for success when she made the leap into the permanent makeup and advanced aesthetics industry over 20 years ago. She has worked alongside top plastic surgeons and has a great understanding of the skin and the architectural symmetry needed to be considered to perfect placement of cosmetic micropigmentation.

Her interest and passion for creating balance and symmetry in placement of PMU drove her to create her Perfection Training Courses for technicians to perfect and avoid critical errors in their work. She has worked closely with several key states in creating better curriculum standards in the core Fundamental requirements in order to incorporate these standards into approved curriculum.

She has been internationally trained by some of the best academy’s and artists in the world, as well as holding the position of USA Academy Director/Manager and Head Instructor by several of the top global companies in the field. Her passion for teaching is fueled by a driven mindset with attention to detail.  She also has the critical capability to flex her skill set to accommodate the individual learning needs of each student, which is what her graduates say sets her apart from the rest.

“I am honored and excited to be here with such brilliant and talented like-minded colleagues and artists who share the same vision”

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