Kate Dawes of MHRA and Foli Sim (Australia)

We’re very excited to announce that Kate Dawes of MHRA and Foli Sim will be speaking at The SMP Bootcamp at Olympia London!

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Kate Dawes IAT, qualified Hairdresser, Trichologist and Scalp Micropigmentation Artist, is the founding company Director of both Medical Hair Restoration Australia (MHRA) and Foli Sim.
MHRA is a company that provides hair loss solutions via Trichology consultation, diagnosis and treatment plans. Kate Dawes is a qualified Trichologist with the International Association of Trichologists and provides nutritional support for those with hair loss. Kate’s initial interest of hair loss began in her award-winning hairdressing career, over 35 years ago. Coupled with studying Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine, Trichology was the obvious next step.

During her career, she consulted for and worked alongside Australia’s leading hair transplant doctor, Dr Jennifer Martinick and managed the clinic, Martinick Hair. It was here that she first became introduced to Scalp Micropigmentation. In 2013, Martinick Hair bought in a trainer from Golden Eye South Korea to train some of the staff in Trichopigmentation and Kate joined in. Foli Sim was born out of this in 2015 and now has grown into 3 clinics, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. In 2017 Kate completed a Masterclass with Matt Iulo and Aris Azar of Scalp Micro USA.
Now considered one of Australia’s leading experts in SMP, Kate has been on the Expert panel at 2018 and 2019 Team Micro’s Meeting of Minds conferences in London. She is the 2ndfinalist at the WSMPA Australian Artist of the year 2019 and finalist at Team Micro International Artist of the year 2019.

Kate has a passion and drive to help clients with hair loss, understanding the emotional toll it can take, with being able to offer treatments and services to rectify different types of hair loss.


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