Kim Hunjan

We’re very excited to announce that Kim Hunjan, Creative Director of LVC will be speaking at The PMU Bootcamp on Monday 30 September at Olympia Beauty!

Kim is a multi-talented businesswoman and artist who’s creativity skills are second to none. She has been teaching in the hair and beauty industry for 10 years internationally with Belle Academy and salons, she owns a hair brand Glamorous Lengths and has now taken over the beauty industry with her academy LVC famous for Korean Nanoblading. Her brands have become household names where people up and down the country know about them. She is the creative director at LVC teaching her famous Nanoblading, bb glow, hyaluron pen and beauty courses to thousands of students, many of whom have gone on to open successful salons and businesses.

Aside from the business and educating, she’s also a successful influencer working with many huge fashion and beauty brands, this is how she keeps up to date with the latest trends in the industry. She is now leading the Hyaluron pen training courses, no needle fillers taking the world by storm! The main reason for her success is her extremely friendly and personable approach, people warm to her very easily, she has touched many peoples lives during her successful and growing career!

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